It was nice talking to Luzzy

Meet my bestfriends -- Roche, Victoria, Melinda (sitted) yours truly, Rachel and Luzzy. The photo was taken at Mitsubishi photo studio (2005).

Just ended my conversation with Luzzy. YOu know what, since she doesn't have an idea that I blog, I might as well tell you about a little secret of hers. It ain't that much of a big deal if she bumps into this post though.

Her name is actually Luzviminda. She hates her name and gets angry once teased. So instead of introducing herself as her real name, she says Luzzy.

There is nothing wrong with her name, if I were to ask. Luz means light and that is a good definition. For real, she is a light to her family and friends. Such a very kind, disciplined, caring and funny lady.

I met Luzzy through my friends in college. We didn't go to the same school but the bond was there. Every night after class, I and my other five friends namely Rachel, Melinda, Roche and Victoria were down the road just to meet Luzzy at her school's gate to have some chats and laughs. That became our daily routine.

After college, our friendship didn't end. We still keep up with each other even now. We meet once a week and spend the whole day laughing, eating, tickling, playing and more. That was before I came here (sa tate).

Our friendship is a treasure. We've been friends for almost 9 years and still counting.

Now that she is getting married, most of us are saddened coz it is gonna be a different life for all of us. I am married as well as Lyn. The four are still at the age of 27. It is gonna be a little harder for these three singles lol. Limited gigs for the whole group. I am hoping that they could find their life partners, too, just like me, Luzzy and Lyn.

FOr the gang, I wish us all luck. Friends forever!


Rosa said…
wow tagal na nian, hehe ako wala akong picture nang mga friend ko. anyway, interested on link ex?

I hope you can visit my blog of sahmo /
rosamuth / life in palawan / istar blog / chikka blog / express liife / baby blog and pink precious
Rosa said…
oo sis, friend nga tau sa friendster. dipa siguro ngayon, enjoy ko life ko dito sa pinas. baka paglaki nalang ni baby, kumusta naman anak mo? ur baby so cute.
KunthanRaj said…
hi buddy nice cool blog keep up the great work...have a blow...:)

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Total NonSense
Twerlyn said…
ka remember na hinuon ko sa akong 6 ka friends in college..7 kami but out of 6, 3 nalang ang nakig communicate nako kay ang tatlo nakakitag uban na friends, in short dili loyal.Lir,may pagka Ler jud ka ba,hehe!wala sad nako gipang ingon akong urls sa akong mga friends ug wala sad nako gi post sa friendster akong blogs kay na unsaon nlang ilang bantayan akong niluhukan and I want to be private hehe!

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