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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's confirmed

My friend Jackie was in a whirlwind situation when she was trying the pregnancy test for a couple of times. She was doubting. When she told me about the two lines, I then said "you are pregnant".

Yesterday, she had a check-up. True to what I have said, the doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. Her due date is in March next year.

Jackie is starting to feel the curse of pregnancy. She gets tired without working much. I hope she won't suffer what I had when I was bearing my daughter. That was terrible and horrible.

To Jackie and husband AJ, my biggest congratulations. In the next few months, your family will be completed...yay!


Twerlyn said...

hala buntis c Jackie!!wow1 wala ko pa cia na greet!!now lang ko kabalo =)

-Jackie- said...

waaaaaa perting post lol salamat der for featuring...charing iring gibidli hehehe cge n oi layas nku gabie na babu


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