Heads or tails : A newbie's note

Heads Or Tails

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Did you know that this is my first entry for Heads or tails meme? Actually, I just started participating is other two memes. HEads or tails is the third meme that I have chosen to be part with.

Take NOTE that I am a newbie when it comes to meme especially the Heads and Tails. Please bear with me for this very first time.

I would love to leave a NOTE to the Head or Tails creator.

You have created a very wonderful meme. I am glad that I am participating.


Bobbie Sandlin said…
I'm pretty new to this myself. I just joined Heads or Tails tonight. I'm having fun with all this writing :)
janethvicy said…
Hello!!Just droppin by here..Have a wonderful day and take care
Lesley said…
I'm kind of new at the Heads or Tails thing, too. I always forget to check for the theme on Tuesdays, so mine is kind of the Whenever-I-Remember-Meme. lol

Love your blog design. Beautiful.
Skittles said…
As the Heads Or Tails creator, I want to welcome you and hope to see you again and again. :)

It was a great first entry!

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