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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The best thing about diet is ...

... having a free day....wohoo!!!

The hubby and I have been on diet for almost two months now. So far we only had a couple of free days. Free day means we can eat whatever we want in just a day. It should be the ones that we've been wanting to eat without minding the calories.

The hubby and I are teaming in this mission and goal. It was really hard on the first couple of weeks but we surpassed it. The fruit is now bearing. We've lost a lot of weight and we are on the target.

Sunday was our second free day. We had a movie blast. Of course, junk foods were part of it as well as fatty and somekind of unhealthy meal. At night, I fried a sliced of tuna, cOoked rice and prepared my radish salad (with onion, calamansi extract and salt). It was definitely a perfect meal. I've missed it a lot!

For now, I will just look at the pictures. I might have this kind of meal again on the next free day.


Sandy said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I think it's nice you're both doing this together; must make it easier.

I'd love my daughter to go on a diet, but she doesn't seem to think she needs to; and she doesn't live with us; so really we can do nothing about it to help or encourage her.


Laane said...

A hooray for your weightloss!

Thanks for entering the give-away. :)


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