Goodbye diaper rash

The 'lil one is saying goodbye to diaper rash. After trying several brand names, I am so glad that she is now comfortable and less cranky. It was just a little bitty red spots before but it gotten worse when I tried applying Desitin, Balmex and Aveeno on the affected area. Each medication were tried for at least three days and then followed by another when it didn't work.

The hubby and I had to go back to the store to give Bourdreoux butt paste a try. I am glad we picked it up because it really does the job. It is more expensive though. After four days of religious application, the 'lil one's diaper rash is gone. Every now and then, before changing diaper, I make sure to wash and dry the area and then apply a small amount of Bourdreoux butt paste before putting her diaper on.


Lulu said…
i know how frustrating the diaper rash is... when i used huggies nag rashes si andrea... i tried everything but to no avail... i usually use the butt paste but it didn't work anymore... i tried corn starch and it worked for her...

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