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The hubby phoned me hours ago. He was talking about the Filipinos he met on the road. These hardworking individuals were off the road to be home after work when all of a sudden a police officer pulled them over for driving slower than the minimum speed. It wouldn't be that worse if only the driver has a license. So instead of just letting them go, the police officer issued a ticket and would eventually tow the car if nobody's gonna get it (tHe person whose gonna drive it back home should have a driver's license).

So Clarissa, a Filipino friend of mine and amongst the Filipinos who came here to work (who was not in the car) phoned the hubby to inform him about the situation. Since the hubby was on the road, he was able to get there but was not able to save the driver from getting a ticket. The police officer could not void it as he was strictly told not to. THe only thing that hubby did was save my fellows car from being towed.

I was really saddened by the news. These people are not earning much and they have to pay this ticket. Good thing I married a very compassionate person. He said if he couldn't fix the ticket (by talking to the supervisor), he'll pay for it. I hope this won't happen again. Driving without license is very much against the law of Louisiana state.

Some of these Filipinos are not licensed to drive yet. THey are still waiting for their I-94 and by then, they could start the application at the DMV. For now, a licensed driver would bring those unlicensed and with no cars to work and pick them up at the end of the shift. I dunno what was wrong earlier why it ended that way.


Twerlyn said…
hala kabuutan sa u banana Lir oi.Sayang na timingan na lahi na police nakadakop da. Imbis na ang pulis bayaran, ang pulis na hinuon mag mubayad.

Lahi ra jud sa Pinas oi..dagpan mi Andy wrong turn pero bayad ra kwarta kay mao man sulti sa pulis ,hehe!kalay jud pulisa sa atoa.

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