Music Monday : My Valentine

The title itself is widely known. Yet the lyrics is so different. It ain't the music of Martina McBride or other internationally acclaimed artists. I am proud to say that this is Philippine's very own, Jamie Rivera.

THis song is perfect for those who are inlove -- getting married or married. I have this in my list of favorite songs since I met the hubby.

I searched Youtube to embed the music video here but there is none from Jamie Rivera.

    My Valentine
    by Jamie Rivera

      Never thought I’d find my match
      Never thought I would love this much
      Cause you showed me true love and gave all you had
      Were you sent by the Lord from above

      I have always told you I love you
      Must have said it a thousand times
      But each time you reply tears fall from my eyes
      I still can’t believe that you are mine

      Cause you tell me you love me too
      And I used to imagine hearing that from you
      I never expected my wish to come true
      For you to be mine and be my valentine

      I must have done something good in the past
      Because you were born and was led to my path
      Life is good and life is fine
      For you are my valentine

      (Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

      for you to be mine and be my Valentine …ooohh..

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