Heads or tails (the tuesday meme) : steam iron

It's Tuesday once again and it's time for Heads or Tails meme. This week's theme is STEAM.

Heads Or Tails

I am hopeful that the 'lil girl will go to bed early tonight. Supposedly, I was going to steam iron our clothes last night but she slept so late at around 11:15 PM. Two loads of clothing are waiting for me in the laundry room. Just glad I have my steam iron. It does a great job -- fast and well-pressed.

I do iron the 'lil girl's clothes as well as mine and some of hubby's regularly.


Skittles said…
I haven't ironed in years, but I used to enjoy (yes enjoy) it. =)

Welcome to heads or tails!
Tumblewords: said…
I don't remember the last time I ironed something - but somewhere in my past there WAS a steam iron and it was a nifty thing to have then... Nice post...
DebbieDana said…
I used to steam iron my husband's office clothes until I was on my 8th month pregnancy with Daniel, and since then, I haven't done it again... I enjoyed doing it, and I would love to do it again pero....lumalaki na ulit tummy ko with my 2nd baby, hehe!

Musta na mare? Musta na ang gf ni Daniel?

Debbie :)

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