Looking at the sky on Friday : Chenier

I almost forgot that it is already Friday. Whew! Time flies so quick. Next thing we know it's Christmas once again and I am looking forward for the incoming Holiday season.

I don't keep up with the dates sometimes. Just glad I did drop EC tonight or else I won't be able to participate in "looking at the sky on Friday meme" again.


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This is my entry for this Friday. I took this photo at around 7:30 this evening while standing by the front door. Aside from the sky, you are also seeing the neighbor's tree and roof (lol). No choice as I didn't go out for a ride today. Well, it came out pretty good though. The sky is pretty calm. Not so dark, not so bright. Enough sign that it ain't raining.


Grampy said…
A very nice picture indeed. Just goes to show you a good picture can be as close as you like.
Have a good weekend.
imelda said…
thats a nice shot u have here. hapi saturday, sis.
Blog Queen said…
It's a nice pic. It looks really calming

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