Becoming a good girl

For sometime now, the 'lil one needs not to be rocked anymore. She sleeps on her own. As you see on the photo, she is sleeping on the play mat. She got so quiet this morning that freaked me out thinking something had happened to her only to find out that she is napping. This happens rarely so it deserves to be captured (glad the camera flash didn't wake her up). The weather is so great and so I also took a nap with her lol.

Oh I love this feeling that I am spared from rocking and holding her for hours just for her to fall asleep. My 'lil girl is becoming a big and good girl.


Twerlyn said…
good girl niela oi..Lir akong baktin ha, wala nap2x duha na ka adlaw,, imagina unsa kakapoy akong knabuhi, plus inig gabii cge gihapon gising 3x , tilan oi. hehe
mamalira said…
na ginatagaan jud ka og trabaho pirmi ni Ari Ler...saon n lng ky bunso man...sundi na Ler

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