Cold weather + sleeping baby(early) = happy mommy!!

Since the weather started to get colder, the 'lil one changed her sleeping pattern. For two nights in a row, she is in bed so early and not later that 11PM. At around 9PM, she is already sleepy and wants to be in her crib. If asks if she wanna go night night, she nods her head and smile which obviously mean she's ready. Unlike before that she'll cry herself to death and puke if I put her in the crib if she dislikes it.

In the morning, she wakes up late too. Her 6AM wake up time is changed to 9AM. What a miracle! That's more time for me to stay in bed. I just hope that she'll stay this way for a couple of months. It's really gonna help me a lot in some ways.

As early as 10PM tonight, I was able to do most of my online tasks. Done dropping EC. checked e-mails and submitted my job assignments. The only thing left is to talk to the sister for just an hour or so and that's it, I can say that my night is over.


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