Shocking Pinay scandal?

Lately that I knew that a Filipina I met on a forum two years ago and is a fellow blogger did something morally offensive. I checked her blogs today but all were deleted. She is inactive in the forum as well for quite a long time now. It is hard to believe that she has the heart to fool her husband especially her adorable toddler. This woman is obviously not in her mind.

On the forum, her husband shared his love and devotion to his wife and the issue in between. Most of the members in the forum are on his side. He seems to be a good person, a good father and is a good husband. Devastation came into him when he found out that his trusted wife is cheating on him. The evidence is clear on his wife's transcripts of conversation with her alleged man talking about love, sex, kisses, relationship and future meetings.

I really thought that she is a good person. How could she engaged herself to this nasty affair with a Filipino man she met online and will meet him personally in Manila with a lie to her husband that she is going home with the baby because her mother is sick and wants to see her little one? Huh! Used the baby just for that!!! Where the hell is the respect and the values?

It is a shame and I am ashamed of what she did. She is not the only person who did it, there are more like her who use Americans and other nationalities for money and for them to escape the poor life in the Philippines. After that, they would just vacate and live with their current partners! Shoot! I hate Filipinos like them!!!

Some of you may think I am judging her this quick without hearing her side of story. If her husband is wrong and is abusing her, there is a lot of ways to get rid of him and not through finding someone online and live a life full of lies.

A lesson for Americans looking for Asian wives. Don't be fooled by the uniqueness of the person and the manner she talks. Know her better before letting yourself hook in her bait. If there is a need for background check-up, do it! Better find a highly educated person and not the ones from bars (no offense) if you don't want your marriage to end just quick. This is true and I know a lot of these people with broken marriages.

I am a Filipino. Proud of my inheritance and the values and virtues instilled by my parents in me.


Pinay said…
there is this what we call "Karma".

I'm sure if she has bad intentions, I guess it won't do her good in her next relationships too.


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