The worst Chinese restaurant in Ascension

We had a free day from weight loss program today. The hubby and I decided to have lunch at any restaurant I want. Since we've tried some of the Chinese restaurants in the area like Dynasty, Grand Wall, King Buffet; we had no choice but to go for Golden Buddha Chinese Restaurant. Tell you that the food selection is few (might be less than 10) with a very narrow buffet table. Worst is the taste of foods. It didn't taste Chinese neither American. Just so gross that I did not eat much. I only had rice and sesame chicken. Didn't even try their veges floating in a light and nasty sauce. The hubby just had a plate of fried shrimp while the little had rice only. It seems to me that the cook is not Chinese or does not have the skill for Asian cuisine.

Money is not well spent in that restaurant. We didn't get the food satisfaction that we're hoping. I wonder why there were few guests in there! THe only PLUS that resto has is the friendly staff. Whew! If I were to rate the entire service, I give a 5 for excellent customer relations, 2 for the uninviting place and 1 for the poor taste and few selection of foods.

Never again! Golden Buddha Chinese Restaurant is the worst restaurant in Ascension.


Twerlyn said…
yay ! ka try ko ana sa chinese restuarant sa mall of asia kalimot ko unsa name sa store,but yucky kaau ang food nila..d mao.

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