Glimpses of zoo trip

As promised, here are some photos of our second trip to the zoo.

At the back is a huge globe rotating on a water fountain. It's located at the entrance of the zoo. Such a warm welcome!!!

What a structure!! I am so amazed on how it is being built. I forgot the specie of the goats that inhabit the man-made hill(?) though.

The elephant zoo. THese two Asian elephants from Thailand are in their mid 30's and 40's. Trained to entertain guests.

See how the three giraffes lined-up at the back?

At the zoo's playground.


Joops said…
Hi there, those are nice photos! Hope to see you around!

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Grampy said…
Very nice pictures. I love the giraffes. Your family is very beautiful.
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Awwww! Those are lovely captures! That's one huge zoo with full of animals I can tell. Nindot jud nang zoo para sa mga kids and kids at heart ba. Labi na nato nga wala na sa atong bukid! LOL I always get amazed every zoo visit that we have. Kamusta si Danielle? Lingaw na sya sa elephant ug giraffe?
wITChy Boop said…
big na ang baby! Nakakatuwa!

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