To the zoo...

I will be away for the whole day tomorrow. THe hubby, I and the lil one are leaving early to the zoo as it's around 40 minutes drive (including traffic) from here. It's the lil girl's second visit and I'm sure she'd love it more than the first visit. The zoo was under renovation that time and most of the animals were kept from the public. Hopefully, the renovation is over now.

This is going to be exciting!!! Whew! Can't wait!!! I'll post pictures on the next day.

Though I will be back late, I will still reciprocate your EC drops. It's already 11:46PM here, not too late but I have to go early. Still have to prepare our stuff for tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!!!


imelda said…
hi guys, i set up a donation button in my site for the typhoon victims in the philippines, pls donate any amount so we can buy mats, blankets and food
ajyukie_15 said…
hoy kahoy onggoy iregrds ko s mga anilmales s zoo der ingna d ko kajoin lol hay kapoy byahe 330amp dri nkmata ko ug 230 kay gutom ang buhi saon man nganong ni Enter!!

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