Had fun talking to sister

My sister, Lyn, lives in Canada with her family -- hubby and kids. Our busy schedules with kids defy us from chatting on YM at any time we want. But if we have the chance, oh boy! we are like crazy talking just anything our minds lead us to. We love talking about our childhood and the many open secrets of the family and the neighborhood.

Lyn is my younger sister. I am two years older than her. We both went to the same school -- elementary and high school. She transferred to Catholic school in college where I was enrolled in just to be around me. BOth have common friends, my friends are her friends, her friends are my friends. We shared secrets and other stuff but not clothes and shoes. She was size small or medium and I was x-small (when weren't mothers yet). We got married on the same year, 2007, mine took place in the US in July and her in the Philippines in October. According to the old belief, siblings shouldn't get married on the same year with different months to keep unpleasant situations from happening, we did not buy it and we are the proof that it's untrue and just a common old belief.

Today, we chatted for 8 hours. The longest in history. We had so much fun and laughter but with fussy babies around. After taking the situations calm, both of us were back on the desktop to talk. Conversation ended at 12:25AM CT.

It was nice talking to you Lyn. Talk to you later when we both have time again.


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