Thursday morning nothings

It's 6 minutes to 1AM. So what's keeping me up this late? There were so much in my head that bug me. One is the video I saw three days ago. That was the most horrible scene I saw in my entire life. Pardon me for I am not going to expound it here. I just want to forget everything about it.

So finally, I am done with my job assignments for today. Oh Thank you Lord for the blessings. I had to hold back my online tasks to prioritize the 'lil one and my household chores. There is no way I could do it if the 'lil one is awake. For the longest hour tonight, I just sat in the couch watching TV as demanded by the 'lil boss while she was in her room playing with toys and watching Sprout. Tell you that she kept on checking on me ya and pulled me back in the living area when I sat on my computer. She is funny yet demanding lol. I think she wants me to give my whole attention to her and computer and household chores are excluded.

Tomorrow I still have a lot of cleaning to do. Be posting and creating a video again, too. The assignments have been sitting in my account for two days now. I hate to submit my posts on the date it expire.

Alright, gOtta go to gain more strength for tomorrow!!! Good night everyone!


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