Crying toddler

While composing this entry, the 'lil one has just finished crying. She was fine when I put her to bed but cried when I left the room. I think she doesn't want to be alone. For the past few days, she changed a lot from being a good girl to a high-tempered toddler. She used to sleep early all by herself with no help from me and was so easy to handle with less tantrums, now she tends to be the boss wanting to do her will.

Though my conscience is suing me right now for letting her cry to sleep, she needs to be corrected and it is my responsibility to take her to the right path. I can not let everything that she wants to happen. As much as I want to spoil her, I can not give that much. I am just suppressing my feelings not to feel pity on her, yes, she is fine! is hard to be a parent. No more babies for me!


Rachele said…
I couldn't do it. We let both kids sleep with us and moved my son out of our bed just in time for the arrival of his sister. She is now 3.5 and still likes to sleep with us. My son (6) prefers his own bed but my husband or I will lay with him until he falls asleep. When I'm "not in the mood" to lay with him, I just remind myself how limited the time is. Soon he will refuse to let me cuddle with him and I'll be happy that I did it while I could. I'm just a sucker for snuggling:)

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