Premiumwhite pro is a huge scam!!!

I WAS SCAMMED BY PREMIUMWHITEPRO under ULTRAFRESHWEL! Beware online shoppers, never try the risk-free trial offer at or your money will turn to ash.

Two weeks ago, I hooked in to this deal I found on Facebook. Premiumwhite is having a risk- free trial offer and pay only the shipping and handling charge of $1.97. Risk-free, so be it. THe item did not arrive til today and the money was taken from my Paypal account.

$2 is not a big deal. I could earn that through blogging but $87 is a huge one. Sooo PISSED! Yesterday, I found out that PREMIUMWHITE PRO under ULTRAFRESHWEL charged me with that huge amount of money. What pissed me more is that I have to pay my bank an overdraft fee of $64 since I don't have enough funds to cover the $87.

It took me hours to find ways just to talk to any of these scammers. I called the toll-free number but it took me almost an hour on hold, I gave up. Went to the website and chatted to a disrespectful customer representative. She said that I couldn't retrieve my money back as per terms and conditions. What? I am paying $87 for the product that is not in my hand? So I told her to remove my name in their database and that I filed a dispute against them on Paypal. Out of myself, I used abusive words and she terminated the chat session. The transcript of the chat is saved in my inbox and is in black and white.

I am just hoping for the best, for my money to be back. They have done so unGodly things by stealing a poor's money.


Twerlyn said…
Sorry for that Lir.

Prospect customers will search about this product and hopefully they'll stumble on this post to protect them from fraud.
lira said…
lamat Ler. mao ako jud ni g-post aron katabang sa uban.

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