Monday musing

What is good on MOnday? My teacher asked sarcastically back then when I greeted her. I just said nothing much! If she only have asked in a good mood, I could have replied, "you". It's good because I see you this fine Monday. Anyway, just remembered a piece of my high school memories.

The little girl is so good today. She woke early and took a nap with no hassles at all. No cries, screaming and fussiness. Now she is watching her favorite show on Sprout while I am updating this blog. It feels good when she is fine.

What a great Monday until I saw the hubby's trash on the kitchen top. He is good in ruining my day. He knows exactly that I don't want any mess in this house but still he keeps on forgetting and would just apologize when I am upset. Too many apologies and I am burned out with it. What is the meaning of the word sorry if he keeps on doing it? Though he is good in accepting his flaws and apologizes everytime he does something wrong, still it is useless and meaningless for me.

In spite of that, I am still thankful of what I have. A priceless family that keeps me alive every single day. Along with that are the blessings I get from the select social media sites like SS. Today I have reserved two opps that I am about to start composing after this entry.

The girl in a read shirt is here. Guess what, I smell She is pulling me and saying p--. So long everyone! Have to take care of this something. Be dropping EC later tonight. happy MOnday!


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