Forgetting the holiday

Since I become a stay-home mom, tracking the dates and holidays are so not likely part of my day. I just let it pass and then go on the next day. When it comes to holidays, forget it. Sometimes I remember, most of the times I don't. I depend mostly on my cellphone to update me during birthdays of my family.

Just like what happened today, I forgot that it's Veteran's day. What a big darn of me that I went out to the mailbox to check if there is/are mails for us. Nothing. So I asked the hubby why the mailman didn't pass yet and it's already 2PM. Mailman passes between 10AM to 12NN on regular or business days, by the way.

But hey, when it's payday, my mind is so wide open lol. GRocery shopping and going out somewhere inspire me to get ready. At last! I am out of the house, enjoying the road and other places. THe hubby is the driver since I don't have my DL yet. His off days are my off housechores, too.

BEfore I go to bed and forget again, I'd like to greet all the heroes, the VETERANS of AMERICA, a "Happy Veterans Day" and this greetings goes to my loving husband, too, who served in the US Marines 11 years ago.


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