Where's the cherry?

You might wonder why there is no single cherry on this upside down cake. It's a little bit shame to say but I was out of cherry that time. I so wanted to eat this kind of cake but I couldn't wait for the hubby to come home to buy some cherries. At the latter, my first try of baking upside down was a success. Love the taste, not too sweet. The pineapple flavor blended so well with sugar caramel. Seems like I want more now! Late at night cravings lol.


poray said…
mami diin ka ug recipe? tagi ko link palihug beh ky like ni nko na cake...naa ko fond memories ani tawn sa bata pa ko hehehe...ty daan
Stormee said…
Mmmmyummy, I do like upsidedown cake and it looks just fine without the cherry.
imelda said…
i like upside down cake, too but i dont know how to bake it. pls post a recipe of it here here sis. ung simple lang ha.thanks.

btw, i have a tag for u here sis i hope ul take this. http://mydailybusiness.net/2009/11/how-does-your-sleeping-position-say.html
lira said…
Thanks for the replies girls.

Imelda -- Thanks for the tag. I will also post the recipe here and would let you know.

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