Another fussy day

The 'lil was so fussy today. I just couldn't understand what she wanted. She started so fine in the morning til afternoon but when the sun started to hide, there she was and just unstoppable. She wanted to take a nap but she was fighting it and me. Poor mama, the 'lil girl was kicking and slapping her face.

She just went to bed just a couple of minutes ago. Actually, she fell asleep on the kitchen floor. She must be so tired and couldn't bear it anymore. When I checked on her, she was laying on the pillow she brought herself. I had to bring her to the bedroom, massage her head, back and tummy gently that she would feel calm and forget about her crying times.

Parenting is really a roller coaster rider. SOmetimes the kid is so great, sometimes not. I still have a long ride with the 'lil one, a never ending ride.


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