Well, I was craving for doughnuts earlier but couldn't drive to the store, so, I thought of making some. Since I am watching my weight, fried foods are a No-No, thus, baked.

My first attempt was a failure. The first few doughnuts didn't come out great. It was kinda burnt and stiff. Tsk! I really can't bake! I was dismayed and was about to throw the dough but saw a photo of cinnamon rolls posted by a dear friend of mine in Facebook. Blessing in disguise! Why not try it?  Instead of pushing through my plan, I then made a few rolls with cinnamon, cheese and ube fillings.

My version of ube and cheese rolls. 
So yummy especially the ube (purple yum) roll. Haven't tasted the other flavors yet as I still am full from eating the former. 


rjs mama said…
pahingi :) looks so yummy!

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Zezebel said…
You should open a bakery or something. this rolls look delicious. I never learn how to bake. Hahahaha....
""rare*jonRez"" said…
ehehe! ka-lami ani oi! gigutom na ko, ngita nalang sa ko paniudto! lol hawod man lagi kaayo ta diha lir! nigawas man ang tinaguan nga talento pagka-baker. pssstttt.... pila ka pounds na nawala? maypa ka!

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