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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coupon codes by my side

Just the other day, I had so much fun online shopping. I frequent this certain online store for awhile waiting for clearance sale to flash into my eyes. Last Monday, I surely hit the jackpot and bought a lot of clothings with tags 70% off the regular price. Gifts for my family in the Philippines filled my shopping bag, only a few pieces for the lil one and none for me and the hubby. I spent around eighty bucks including shipping and tax. Supposedly, the over all amount was a hundred bucks and cents but then I used the coupon code I found at coupons. Glad I did search for coupons, as I normally do,  before I did check my items out.

Sometimes, I'd rather shop online if I am buying for my family or for  the lil one  and not  for myself. I love to spin the crowded stores sorting the clearance racks for great stuff. I could care less either if there is a queue to the fitting room. I can wait and fight for the traffic if it's for me. And yes, I usually bring store coupons with me. I print coupons for certain stores  the night before I plan on shopping and secure it in my purse before heading to the mall. That's the shopaholic in me.

Coupons, whether for online or in-store use, are very useful especially now that the economy is still struggling to pull up. Discounts save a lot of money that can be used for other things. Trust me on that.



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