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Monday, August 30, 2010

Her first Kool-Aid

One of the many things that I am afraid for my daughter is her to grow up fat. You know how much criticisms huge people get when they go out in the public and I don't want it to happen to the lil one, to be humiliated  by the non-appreciative beings. Her being healthy and a normal kid are just amongst the many wishes I have.

Thus, I don't train or teach her to have a sweet tooth. Her everyday meals include fruits, vegetables and rice of course with tons of water. I do give her a cup of juice a day as suggested by her pediatrician. No candies nor chocolates nor cakes nor ice cream. Am I depriving her of those comfort foods? I may say I am as they bring no good to one's health.

Her first taste of Kool-Aid punch. 
Thus, mommy took a picture of her holding a bottle of a tempting punch for kids to add to her book.

So last Saturday, hubby brought himself a pack of six bottles of Kool-Aid punch. He said he's just gonna try 'em. The lil one saw him sipping and so  asked for some. She had this face of disliking the taste but then when she tried it again, she said, "It's good, mommy!" From them on, the lil one kept on asking, I gave her one serving a day til she finished the six. No more Kool-Aid punch for her.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

that looks like a perfect quencher on a hot summer danyela! pahingi! :)

J said...

you are depriving her for now... I think. but you should not feel bad because it is for her own good. when she grows up however, and she can pick what she wants to eat,if she really loves sweets, she will go for it. I should know, I was raised the same way hehehe. I'm not only chocoholic, I love anything decadent.

Kidberries said...

Yes, it is good to take care of Kid's health at early age. Appreciate your efforts on this :)

Mylene said...

Naku mommym, simula na yan. Parang ako nga nagsisi na pinayagan kong makatikim ng matamis ang anak ko. Dati mas gusto nya fruits, though gusto pa rin nya, pero naghahanap na rin sya ng mga chocolates. I indulge, pero controlled lagi.

jellybelly said... cute finally getting to taste juice. i'm doing the same thing with my daughter, only veggies and fruits, and a little fish. strictly no sweets. i don't think we're depriving her because she doesn't know what candies taste like. she'll eventually have those forbidden food when she goes to school anyway. she does have juice but its half juice half water so it tastes like water. my partner says all these middle aged heart diseases, diabetes etc has their roots from childhood. makes sense to me so i agree with his food restrictions. :)

_el@i_ said...

my kids are fat even if they rarely eat sweets. actually, im having a prob now on how to slim them down. they just love to eat.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i didn't give my kids candies and chocolates when they were small too, but now they get to eat, but at least they don't really crave for it since they are not used to eating when they were little.

no you are not depriving her, she'd thank you that you trained her to eat healthy.

Zezebel said...

What your kids depends on what they saw you eat. most of us is a copycat of our parents.

MommaLira said...

Thank you for the comments, ladies.

Tetcha said...

Your daughter's adorable in that photo! In my case, I try to regulate my son's intake of sweets. He gets only 1 or 2 small chocolates or candies a day if he remembers; if not, I would never even mention those to him.

*MrsMartinez* said...

awww she is so cute. i would have given her kool aid anytime ; )

Allena said...

healthy training jud! that's good!

Ang cute2x ni danyela! :D


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