Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tonight, I did not let go of a free chance of winning a weekend stay in a hotel for FREE with my friends. I just entered in Chain-of-Friends Sweepstakes brought to you by Hampton Hotels and if luck is with me, I could win myself either the Grand Prize or one of the 100 First Prizes. I am thinking of a great weekend right there. It's gonna be a lot of fun with my closest friends and family.

Now if you are interested  on hitting the jackpot, just keep on reading.


Hampton, one of the most stayed hotel in the country and around the world, has something great for all of us. If you have not heard about it, then let me give you the briefest information I could.  If you live within the US, DC , Canada excluding Quebec, UK and Mexico then your in to the  Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes where you  could win any of the following prizes:
  • Grand prize winner receives a free stay in the 100 rooms of Hampton hotel with friends for one weekend. The winner will not only receive the above mentioned prize. He or she receives  $5000 to help pay the tax for the weekend.
  • 100 First Prizes - everyday, one lucky winner receives a weekend stay along with three friends.
In order to qualify, you must fill  your basic information in the sweepstakes form located on the website or simply click any of the link in this post that you'll be redirected to the page quickly.  Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes starts at 12AM CT on June 1, 2010 and ends at 11:59PM CT on September 4, 2010. The cut-off date is forthcoming, so be sure you enter the sweepstakes today! There is no losing game here. Check out the website for more information.

Should I win any of the above prizes, I certainly would jump for joy and be thankful for the huge blessing.

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Visit my sponsor: Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize


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