Who's telling the truth?

Photo found on MSN. 
The ex-power couple of the Philippines undergoes marital rift. 
Kris was named as a family wrecker due  to her previous relationships with married men while James have had controversies regarding the women outside his house. Their backgrounds are now used against them.

The Philippine presidential sister, Kris Aquino, revealed her deteriorated marriage to James Yap to the public. But the question is, is she telling the truth? I have watched a couple of her interviews but not her very explosive interview at SNN. I heard that Kris opened the untold story of her marriage book in that particular showbiz program. I just don't have the time to watch it.

Tonight, I hopped on the gmanews page to update myself about my homeland. Part of news reading/video watching is peeking on the showbiz tab of the website. I was hoping to read different gossip/story,  not related to Kris Aquino but nope, yet I was surprised that someone came out to speak from James' side. So, one of the latest is  the exclusive interview of Pia Guanio, co-host of Showbiz Central, with the hurt mother of the controversial basketball player, James Yap. Mrs. Annie Yap shared her sentiments towards Kris Aquino's allegations defending his son's dignity against the Queen of all media. I am linking in the two-part-interview courtesy of GMAnews.tv.

If you have watched Kris' all-out interview  and have checked out the links above, then be the one to judge.  Which story would you believe, the mother's plea or the wife's revelation?


Zezebel said…
Marriage is not something that you need to share with public. even if you're a public figure.
Thats the truth for me.
MommaLira said…
I must agree with you. It is just the woman who talks a lot, the man mums his side of story.

Thank you for the visit and comment.
""rare*jonRez"" said…
di ko ganahan kay kris in this part of her life! si james tanan ang dautan sa iyang side kay sya ra man sige yawyaw, si james nagpakahilom lang which for me is very admirable for a man. unta magkabalikay sila pero murag wa namay pag-asa. :D
Zezebel said…
Forget to asked you, Is this Cory Aquino daughter? Hmmm.... Sound like she is so much different from her mother.
MommaLira said…
Zezebel - Yes, she is. She is the opposite of the late Pres. Aquino. Her siblings are living a private life as well but are slowly coming out in the media because of President Noy Aquino who happens to be their brother.

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