Would you buy this set?

Tell me how much would you pay for this set? Are you willing to pay the asking price of $1000? A thousand dollars for this old and not in good shaped furniture? Tsk!

Ok, I found this one listed on Craiglist. So what do you think? I am just hoping that nobody bit this crap.

I frequent Craiglist  hoping I could find a great deal on furniture. Normally, the flow is smooth when I see items on sale that are priced perfectly according to its condition. Of course, there are crashers that ruin the party,  sellers  who are so selfish, pricing their stuff like it's brand new and never used. Heck!

Now I am again browsing the site.  So far, I see no scams or spams which is a great thing. I see a couple of things that I want but can't get yet...


j said…
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alf said…
mahal oy! how could he say brand new and he bought it 3 years ago. i have tried craigslist once to fix an iphone but i have not bought anything yet. i'm sure there are good deals. i'm more of an ebayer.
have a nice weekend sis.

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