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This is how I look now. A 'lil woman looking like a tadpole.

I still have like over a month to wait though. It's getting closer and closer and I dunno if I can do it. Just afraid to think of giving birth. My fears are all about me and the baby. Hope Dannielle would cooperate with her mama and won't give me much of pain. Hope God will grace me with an ease labor and delivery.

Every night, I suffer coz Dannielle always plays soccer (lol). She moves in different ways -- flipping, stretching and kicking. It's more painful when she kicks my lower abdomen or my bladder (if I'm right) and when she hits my ribs. What's exciting is that I think Dannielle can sense her papa's palm and she does plays with him. I dunno! Everytime Chad rubs or feels my tummy, she's trying to communicate.

Peeing is also part of it. I can't count in my bare fingers how many times I got up from bed just for that necessity.

Ang kinabuhi sa buntis...kalisod na lng jud!


Anne said…
Best you still look great bisan bisan preggy. Dear Lir, just pray and everything is gonna be ok. I will keep you in my prayer dear. Have a blessed weekend! muwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

always take care of yourself

Imelda said…
Wow the excited expectant mother.Sis, hope you will deliver it in a normal way. Be going sexy again after u give birth.

Tip for normal delivery: When in successive and extreme pain, it is an indication that the baby is trying to push out of its way. Just push like u are pushing your bowel. Don't worry its not the b***l that will come out, its the baby.
jenn_US said…
ana diay nang buntis sah? u feel all those feelings that u mentioned. but anyway, im sure it will be all worth it lir the moment ur baby danniella comes out and its gonna be soon. i bet ur excited and a lil scared. but you'll be fine. you'll go back to being sexy again after giving birth.
shimumsy said…
good luck on your pregnancy. all the aches and pains are part of a beautiful experience. take care dear.
Vannie said…
wow, looking great! yup ana gyud nang buntis, maau ka wa kay cramps..sus super painful.
Lerlyn said…
Lir, huna huna lang na kulba, dili jud ana kasakit oi..mas sakit pa ang post birth kay and tahi sa samad na aron virgin ulit..sakit pud ang breastfeeding kay ang gatas mag ngotngot sa kadaghan, muawas awas jud inig puno ug sakit.

Oi lir ang tiyan ra sad nimo ang nidako dili ang braso or face, oi gifted! =)
Twerlermz' blog
I remember my last days of pregnancy too. We have the same belly size too. So excited for you na hinoon! Ingat always!
Anonymous said…
wow! lapit na pala. happy pushing dear! you'll be in my prayers. iy's gonna be a beautiful experience for a first time mom like you. DOn't be scared. Woman are built to give birth. I'm so excited for you. Just pray and everything will be alright. :)

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