Not all baby bottles are safe for use

Now I know that not all baby bottles that are sold in stores are safe for our babies. I thought baby bottle companies or manufacturers are keen enough about the effects of this chemical.

Breastmilk is still the best, still! Glad I chose to do it.

Here's an excerpt from the article...
Four parents have filed a federal lawsuit against makers of baby bottles, claiming the bottles were made from a harmful chemical that sparked congressional hearings and prompted the world's largest retailer to phase out the products.

The complaint filed last week in US District Court alleges the companies knew that a chemical known as bisphenol A was associated with health problems but didn't disclose the risk. It cites scientific studies that conclude BPA, as the chemical is also known, seeps from bottles and sippy-cups into liquid. Read full story here...


Vannie said…
hi lira! musta na ang buntis?!:) thanks sa pag vote.

btw, a tag for you here

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