My apology for not visiting you myspace graphic comments

Lately, I've been so tired of facing my computer. My body pains a lot. My fingers, legs, back and all are soaring. I don't know why but as far as I know, I didn't do anything to feel this way. It must be the pregnancy thing. Can't even take my ring off my finger now. Oh gosh!

Anyway, my apology. I promise to get back to you or visit your blogs in time. I will do it slowly and please bear with me as I have a long list to visit.


RJ Marmol said…
it's alright mama lira..i'm sure everyone understands..what's important is that you get well soon.. :)
Bianca said…
hahaha magka tawa man sad ko sa dagway ani imong smiley oi....
Liza said…
hi buntis! i hope you're feeling better now. ganyan talaga, hehe. di bale makakaraos ka rin ;)

have a blessed week ahead. take care.

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