Blogging website for moms

I will be a mom in three weeks time if nothing would happen beyond that. Blogging has been part of my routine but not as exciting since I have a baby on the way. I actually created a new blog solely for parenting and about my baby Dannielle. Being an expectant mom makes me think of a lot of stuff. Motherly things in particular. There are these tips or guides on how to take care of my baby and or share everything about her. In a shorter means, updating my family and friends around.

There is this website which is solely for moms who blogs. On this website, we can create our own blog account and then our own entries or posts for other moms to read. Here we can update our friends , family and the world about our experiences with our children such as pictures and their developments. Share our ideas about parenting which is very much in need especially for a newbie like me who is still seeking for a broader information on how to raise a child and so on and so forth. What I love about this website is that if you have this interesting posts or very helpful entries, it will be featured on the the "top posts" where it would be more easy for other moms to access and visit your blogs. But before a certain post to be included as one of the top, of course, it has to pass through voting. These votes would determine on how valuable your topic is. This is a great and unique Mother community.

This website caught my interest and made me sign up for my own account. I am gonna try to browse later to learn more. Navigating is so easy.

I am inviting my fellow bloggers especially moms, to come and join this community...a community for us alone. Let's share what we have.


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