Second Hand Smoke Increases Hospital Admissions For All Types Of Infectious Diseases

Preggy moms, stay away from smoking or individuals who smoke.

Children exposed to second hand tobacco smoke are more likely to get severe infectious diseases and have to be admitted to hospital, finds research published online ahead of print in Tobacco Control.

These children are at greater risk of a whole range of infectious illnesses, such as meningococcal disease, and not just respiratory illness, the results showed. Exposure to smoke in the first few months of life did the most harm, especially if they had a low birth weight or had been born prematurely. Read full article here...

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Lerlyn said…
karang naga UC sa jeep Lir, na naay "no smoking", sos akoa jud na basahon ug kusog sa atbang sa tao nga ga UC ug tabon jud ug panyo.

Hala na unsa naman 3P Lir oi,daot naman tingali na ilang system nganong maka reserve man tapos d nimo ma submit.send again ug ticket Lir pra ayuhon na nila ilang kalaki.

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