iWebTrack's Web Analytics Solution

I've been reading a lot about iWebTrack. My readings brought me informations about some facts about the computer and internet thing. I am not a specialist but I have enough understanding with internet. With iWebTrack, I learned about Web Analytics Solution which is very important in the web world.

iWebTrack is the fastest growing web analytics provider in the world. With Web Analytics Solution, Traffic Tracking, web statistics, visitor system information, advertising campaigns, conversion tracking, and graphical statistics are now easy for website owners. Not only hundreds of websites are using their service but more than that...thousands and that's a great achievement already. It only means that iWebtrack tops and trusted with their excellent service. Amongst are customers individual webmasters, small businesses, Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and private-label resellers.

iWebTrack offers their customers with an affordable, effective, and efficient web tracking tool with many features to meet your needs.

Recently, iWebTrack Version 3-Beta has just been launched. They have added more features for a more improved performance which is the improved site and server performance. V-3 is more efficient and effective web analytics tool that offers the same great features as Version 2.0 but with additional help context menus, new features, and more robust reports that are easier to comprehend. There are more features this new version has like email management and SMS/text reporting as well as access statistic reports through AIM.

iWebTrack also entertains. What I mean is that, with iWebTrack™ TOGO, Palm, iPAQ, Blackberry, cell phone or any PDA can be accessible to the internet. Meaning, anywhere you are and whatever time it may be, iWebTrack™ TOGO allows you to access real-times stats.

This is really amazing. I never read anything like this before. It makes me realize the distance traveled by the web world with all the genius creations like what iWebTrack Holdings Inc. has. I know there would be so much more to come in the future and I can't wait to read about it.


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