Wazzup Doc?

Last Friday we had our weekly check-up again. I didn't feel like going as I don't want to be checked again if I am dilated or not. It was real painful and I hate it. The doctor really apologized the first time he did it. I know it's part of the test but it was really hurting. I can't wait to get over this.

Anyway, my second test was a lot more lighter for me. I was overjoyed as he skipped checking my (you know). The doctor just checked my baby's heartbeat and measured my tummy. As usual, it was fine and couldn't have any better than that according to him.

"The picture was taken by Chad before the test. He's my avid photographer and would take every single shot of me. Crazy man (lol)."


Anonymous said…
Hello sis! are u nervous? lapit na pala lumabas si baby ah. You're gonna have your hands full when she arrives. you're gonna be fine delivering the baby. hopefully you'll keep us posted about your little angel. You'll be in my prayers. :) kakaiyak ang background music mo. Reminds me of my mom..I miss her sooooo much..
jana said…
wow u are very much preggy na mamalira im getting so excited hehehe
good luck my dear and praying for ur safe delivery soon....
mylou said…
ahehhehehe,,, lucky you that your husband love taking picts of you... mine sometimes gets annoyed of my being a camera addict ahahahaha..

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