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Friday, May 08, 2009

First studio photo

Today was a "mall day" for us. We went to the Mall of Louisiana this afternoon for Dannielle's exposure. She did great in the first few hours but got so restless when we were at the photo studio.

I have seen a new Dannielle while the photographer was taking pictures and trying to make her smile and it didn't work. My daughter is a happy baby and smiles everytime we say "smile" for picture taking but today she was just frowning. No smiles or laughs at all.

The picture above is one of the four shots we have chosen. It came out good, though. Love that shot. She is just so pretty (wink).

Note : It was an unplanned photo studio visit.


poray said...

hala ka nice naay pic iya baby sa studio...ako anak wla mn ni pics gikan studio oi, wla gani album nagkalat lng pics sa computer hehehe...

na mao lagi dai ky nag email ko sa ila wla mn nireply pila na ka adlaw nya ako bana gikapoy na pinaabot ky lampas na dw sa deadline na dapat dw ipadala ang 1099 amend n lng jud namo pra wla ta utang ba..

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Dannielle is lovely, even if she's not smiling in this photo. I hope we can exchange links, too.

FishHawk said...

She's absolutely precious!!!

Lulu said...

very nice pic


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