Yey, it's Kris!

Whew! I was so anxious of who's gonna win for tonight's American Idol 2009 finale. I was really thinking Adam is going to bag the title but nope! Americans voted for Kris Allen!

Kris I think can not believe that he's the new Idol. He was so stunned and speechless when his name was announced. Ryan even had to make him expound his speech. That was funny yah.

Since the start of the contest, Kris was one of my bet along with Allison. Gladly, they both made it to the top.

Congratulations, Kris Allen! You're the man!


es said…
Kris has proven his worth also being a versatile artist..i like him esp. when he starts to strum his guitar or play the piano. Adam has a great voice too, and so whoever wins bet. the two, each deserve the title. But the song "No Boundaries" fits right for Kris' voice.:)

Congrats to both!
lira said…
I do agree with you. Kris deserves to be the new idol.

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