8 things

A tag from a mommy like me. Thanks Mommy Joy for this meme.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
* CLearance sale shopping
* To visit my family back home in the Philippines
* 10-year Green Card application
* Dannielle's first bday
* 2nd wedding anniversary
* 2nd year in the USA
* More job assignments with a higher payout
* Swimming this summer

8 Things I Did Yesterday
* Updated my blogs
* Watch my favorite Filipino shows online
* Talked to my sister in Canada
* Went shopping
* Clean the house
* Cooked supper
* Watched my daughter

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
* Work
* Get my DL
* Visit Philippines
* Be closer to my friends
* Buy new furniture
* Rest from watching my daughter (for a week)
* Drive my own car
* Go everywhere without asking someone to drive for me.

8 Shows I Watch
* Totoy Bato
* Chill Princesses
* American Idol
* What not to wear
* Little People, big world
* All about eve
* Chelsea Lately
*Travel channel


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