Spending time with sproutlet

My friends were asking me lately why they rarely see me online (YM). The answer to that is merely plain and simple. I am doing my rounds as a mother or "spending time with my sproutlet". Others vaguely understand my situation yet I am very thankful to my friends who never forget to leave messages.

Apart from being a mother, I am also a housekeeper. So today, after a century of not looking at our bathroom, I spent hours in that part of our bedroom to clean the tub, shower, toilet, closets and vanities. My husband uses it and I am using my daughter's. It is so nice to see that place clean and sparkling.

It's already 8:58PM and here I am still waiting for my lil one to fall asleep. I have been trying to but she cried, which means she didn't want yet. I don't wanna fight with her as I hate to wake hubby up (he gotta work early tomorrow). She is good though once she really wants to be in her crib.

While creating this post, here she is standing by me while watching sprout.

Later, I will be doing my paid posts. Just waiting...


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