Candle heart

Candle does a great job when it comes to eliminating odor in my kitchen every time I cook.

One time I cooked pinaksiw na isda ( a Filipino dish, fish cooked in vinegar and spices) and the odor spread all throughout the house. It was just so stinky that hubby had to complain (he wasn't mad wink, just have not adjusted til now).

So I lit the biggest candle I have. I was so amazed when it formed a heart while the wax was melting. So there I was and took this shot. Hubby was just smiling coz of what I did. He'd asked, why asians love to take pictures?". Just said "because we have cameras".


RE Ausetkmt said…
Sweets, to alleviate odor when cooking fish, always have a small pot of white vinegar on the stove.

the simmering white vinegar will remove the odor and freshen the air naturally.

when you are done cooking the fish, get the grease into a glass jar and out of the house asap.

also wash the pan and then put white vinegar in the sink drain, just a lil bit - to clean the odor.

also set small bowls around in your home and you will never smell odors. just refresh weekly.
Imelda said…
hahaha when we were at the UN, too i heard the same comment, too. i love to take pics for memories and souvenir's sake.
Anonymous said…
Oh that's cool. I never had seen anything like that.
Thanks for your compliment ....I'm glad you like my blog.
klivengood said…
That's right, because we have cameras. What's the use of buying it and then you will not use it...heheeh nice answer sis...
lira said…
Hello RE Ausetkmt,

Thank you for the tips. I sometimes use vinegar with baking soda when the odor takes forever to be eliminated.

Have a great day!

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