She's 10 months old

Two more months to wait and it will be Dannielle's first birthday.

Time flew so quick. First thing I know she'll be walking any day now. She started standing by the wall, tables, chairs, etc. when she was seven months old. Her tiptoeing is the reason why she can not stand on her own yet. She hardly can balance herself. The hard soles shoes ain't working at all.

Her dada's gift is a new little casio organ.

Long way to go for the three of us.


poray said…
maayo mn imo anak mami ky nahuman na mn ug bunyag oi..ako anakis erehes pa ni wla pa mabunyagi tawn...
nyways, mami naa ko personal question unta kng pwed lang...nakabasa mn ko sa thread sa wof about sa imo dilemma sa tax gud, naapil ba nimo file imo mga 1099 forms this year? naa mn gud ko usa ka 1099 gikan sa ppp na wla maapil nya nagworry ko kng naa ba ni repercussion...thanks daan sa reply

poray said…
thanks sa reply mami...saon ang ppp dugay kaayo mn nila padala gud nya nagfile na mi sus kinaugmaan hing abot lami hilak lagi...nyway, murag pa amend n lng jud guro ni namo pra wla tay utang sa irs ba...

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