Swapping CP

Both mine and hubby's phones are eligible for upgrades. He already did his but not satisfied with the new one. He paid $18 for the upgrade fee as well as almost $3 for taxes. It's a great deal for a new samsung phone with so much features. The problem is, it is not suitable for his job. The phone seems so dainty and I guess it's made for me (wink).

Today was supposedly my plan for to upgrade but there was a sudden changed of mine. $20 is $20 and that is pretty much expensive if I still have pursue my plan. So I have decided not to (for now).

Later this afternoon, hubby asked me if I want to swap our phones. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Of course, yes. I would love to, I told him.

Now, I have his phone and he's using mine. Sounds practical, eh?


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