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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Philippine pornography and beyond

Actress Katrina Halili and cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho's sexy dancing video is one of the most talked issues in the Philippines today. The said controversy urged the Philippine government to put an eye against sexual abuse and web pornography.

Senator REvilla is now helping Halili to seek justice against Kho, who is believed to have spilled the video. The alleged surgeon is out of the country together with his (ex)-girlfriend. The immigration have issued a watchlist as well to inform him as he gets back.

As the controversy evolves, politicians are also stepping in to be seen by the public eyes and this has something to do with the incoming election. If these ain't involving huge personalities, I bet they won't take this seriously.

Though Philippines is a conservative country, there are still too many pornographic materials involving Filipinos especially on the web.

In one way or another, I still believe in "Prevention is better than cure". I know everybody gets what that statement is trying to imply. We all know that technology is making it's way to reach people. Hence, technology also is the cause of moral damages and part is pornography and sexual abuse.



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