Jon's vicious affair

I knew it is gonna happen. The star of TLC's Jon and Kate plus 8 is facing a very scandalous condition.

I have been a regular follower of this show. I enjoy watching the kids doing some silly stuff. That by far is the only reason.

What annoys me is the mother of these kids. I find her so arrogant and dominating Jon as the head of the family. Well, she was not like that when I watched the very first episodes or seasons of the show. She seemed so tame and nice. As the show progresses, I think she begun to milk it and put everything on her head. I remember the host of E! Soup was making fun of her. In fairness, I know it is so hard to be a mother (of 8) but her mouth is just so irritating as well as her gestures. No wonder Maddy is just so like her.

Jon in the other hand is a very cool dad. I say so coz of what I've seen on TV. He is funny and maybe lazy at times (according to Kate).

So why Jon is having an affair with someone younger? I think Kate is to be blamed.

Jon and Kate both have imperfections. I dunno how they are dealing with this fire but I am sure it is not going to be what it was like few years ago. The marriage is stained and taking it off is arduous. No matter how they try to fix everything, still Jon's mistake will haunt every minute of their marriage.

About the show, I think they are still going to push through. The scandal would make viewers want to watch and follow more.


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