A date with Connor

As I've said in my previous post, we're off to the theater this morning. We woke up early, brought our daughter to her grandmother and the two of us (me and hubby) hurried to Rave for a 10:50 showing.

I was a little skeptical when hubby asked me if we could watch Terminator Salvation instead of Up. I honestly dislike Christian Bale. But I am glad I did watch the movie.

Terminator Salvation, this sequel is one of the best movies I have seen compared to the previous works. It brought out the softness in my heart when Marcus Wright, who is believed to be one of the machines, offered his heart to the ill John Connor(one of the leaders of the resistance). Wright was sentenced to death more than a decade before the salvation happened. His body and vital organ were used in the present but in all part, he is a machine made to destroy Connor, Reese (Connor's dad) and the rest of the human race. Just ignore some of the poor effects, though.

I had a great date with my Connor -- my hubby. We are planning for another date (just the two of us) in time.


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