America's worst cities for allergies

This season is very common for allergy which couldn't stop you from sneezing. The reason behind this is climate change and weather patterns which caused trees to ordinarily bloom over the course of a month to pollinate at once. So before it gets worse, just go to the nearest drugstore for a medication.

Here's the bottom 25 from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America :
25. Philadelphia, PA - 12. Mobile, AL
24. Tampa, FL - 11. Oklahoma City, OK
23. Charlotte, NC - 10. San Diego, CA
22. Dallas-Forth Worth, TX - 9. Little Rock, AR
21. Louisville, KY - 8. New Orleans, LA
20. Harrisburg, PA - 7. Birmingham, AL
19. Tulsa, OK - 6. Knoxville, TN
18. Nashville, TN - 5. Jackson, MS
17. Greenville, SC - 4. Augusta, GA
16. McAllen, TX - 3. Johnson City, TN
15. Stockton, CA - 2. Greensboro, NC
14. Omaha, NE - 1. Lexington, KY (Worst U.S. City for Allergies)
13. South Bend, IN

Is your city included? Mine is not! Yepeeeyy... but why I have allergy, too? (lol)


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