Baby shower for Dannielle...countdown

Tomorrow, Dannielle will be showered with wishes, gifts and everything. The party is organized by Chad's family and Tanya, Chad's friend. Actually, there were a lot then who wanted to host the party. They are so excited for our baby.

Clothes, toys and gears filled Dannielle's room now. Take note that the shower is set tomorrow and we got all those stuff. What more after the shower?

It's just a blessing for me and Chad. Our baby is so lucky, too, having these people around us giving her special attention though she's not born yet.


Dana said…
Hhmmmm, Lira, im excited for your baby shower! For sure, it will be lots of fun...Not only lots of gifts, but lots of foods,too,lol! And maybe, some baby shower games that will add more fun! When I was pregnant with my Daniel, I had 2 baby showers!

Don't forget to post photos ok?

Kisses to baby Dannielle!!!

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