Thoughtful Anne

gifts from Tita Anne for baby Dannielle

Truly, you can meet somebody online -- partner or friends. I met my hubby and a lot of friends thru the net. Anne is one of them. I just dunno why we get along this great. It's like we met a long time ago and been friends for a century. We actually call each other now as "best", short for bestfriend. We're online bestfriends.

Today, I received two boxes from her in my mailbox. She already told me ahead that she sent something for me or for Dannielle though. What's really great is that, I never really expected she would do this kind of thing. She's just so thoughtful and I really like her for that (not because of the gift of course). Her thoughtfulness is beyond giving gifts, she always do come by or visit my blogs as often as she can like almost 3 times a day or more and even communicates with me thru e-mails.

Thanks sis for the friendship!


Anne said…
Hi Best, When i read your blog this morning... I don't know but you made me cry ang OA ko na noh! pero mao gyud na ang tinuod ba. Best, Nadawat nimo among card duha ni hubby nako? Wla ko nag check sako visit sa ako mga fwens last night i was tired. take care I will visit you later. God bless Best muwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh

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