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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Done with the test

A long day is finally over. We arrived at the hospital at about 10Am today and left at 2PM. As I've said, the test ran for 3 hours. The nurse had to draw blood from me for 4 times. I didn't have much problem with it. She can do it as many times as she wants to. The only complaint I had was my hunger. I was only allowed to drink water. I had to skip dinner (last night), breakfast and lunch today just for that test. So weak was I, but had nothing to do but to obey what I had been told to do so. Just glad it's over now. I am just waiting for the result which will probably be ready on the next days. Hope it's fine.


Anne said...

Perting pag posing sa mommy uy. hay maburos na unta pud ko hehehe

lira said...

hehehe...maburos ra ka inig oras na...


you are too brave girl. me oh my my. for blood test? ayayay! my last one was when I applied for life insurance policy. it gave me goosebumps. eheheh! im a coward. lol!


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